CAD Services

Here at ADC, we offer a variety of computer aided design options including Solidworks and Solid Edge.

With particular focus on Solidworks, our team is able to decrease time and cost, while optimizing design.

Modeling also enables us to test designs before they are committed to product manufacturing. The facilities and expertise we have available allow us to offer a number of services, including:

  • Full 3D modeling

  • Motion testing

  • Stress and Strain analysis

  • Deformation simulation

  • Weight calculation

  • Centre of mass or clearance requirements and clashing

  • Photo realistic rendering for both image and video outputs

Our clients have found that our CAD modelling capabilities are particularly useful in allowing visualisation of installations and products while they are still in the proposal stages.

Prospective customers can prove the reassurance of seeing a realistic representation of the proposal before it is actually constructed.

In addition to 3D modelling capabilities, ADC can provide 2D drafting for layout drawings, electrical and fluid control schematics and any other similar requirements.


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